Terms and Conditions

Information and General Conditions

1. Despite the covid crisis, our agency has solid financial resources

2. Prices are net, in euros and may change due to changes in the price of hotels, transportation, tickets, as well as any changes in Government fees without prior notice.

3. The prices of the transfers are based on the transportation of the passengers according to the number of participants with 1 suitcase per person and 1 carry-on, taking into account the comfort of the passenger.

4. All reservations are on request (RQ), subject to availability in the different hotel categories.

5. In the event that the category of service requested (when it comes to hotels and packages) within the options we offer, is not available, we will proceed with a reservation with the option closest to your request. We will try our best to avoid additional Supplements.

6. Only the prices of the packages can be guaranteed, by paying a non-refundable deposit upon reservation.

7. The earlier you book, the easier we will get availability.

8. All complete packages must be paid in full no more than 35 days before the arrival of the client. The payment is possible by visa card, Mastercard or by bank transfer to our account in Greece.

9. For the other services, transfer, ferries, tours, payment must be immediate with either a visa Card or a Mastercard after booking, so we can guarantee both the service and the rate. The client’s card is only debited when the tour is confirmed. In each excursion the schedule and the pick-up point are given. It is recommended to be 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Sometimes on the pick-up of passengers for a tour, there may be delays of 5 to 10 minutes

10. We offer travel packages with children that are upon request and availability

11. For wedding services, renewal of vows, marriage proposals: in each service you will find all the information and conditions

12. Double rooms may have two separate twin beds or a single King size bed valid for two people, subject to hotel availability. Triple beds are as a general rule (a double room) with an extra bed.

13. For passengers arriving on flights at dawn, we recommend reserving the night before at the hotel, since most of them enter the room at three in the afternoon.

14. Our programs include breakfast at the hotels and only in some circuits is half board included. As mentioned in each program.

15. In the prices that include hotel accommodation, they do not include the accommodation tax that varies from 1.5 euros to 4 euros according to the chosen category, payment per room and per night for the direct passenger in the hotel

16. Please inform upon reservation when there are Clients:
• honeymoon
• special occasions
• handicapped
• special needs
• who have some type of dietary restriction

17. Emergency telephone number for your clients for all destinations: 0030 6906173738

18. Working hours from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

19. Upon disembarkation at the selected destination, if you have hired a transfer, look for a sign with the passenger’s name.

20. Cancellation of contracted services and their conditions:
• For packages is 35 days before the trip, if they have paid for the service, full refund (excludes the fare guarantee deposit).

• For excursions and Transfers: voluntary or involuntary cancellation (such as bad weather conditions, low tour participation) the amount paid will remain as a credit for a future trip of the same passenger, family member and another client of the same agency.
• Tours and transfers are allowed to be canceled 1 week before the date of Service and the amount paid will remain as a credit for a future trip of the same passenger, family member and another client of the same agency.
• For ferries, it is allowed to cancel 4 days before and it is left open for one year for future use, (standard of all ferry companies) own or family use
• In case of cancellation due to the death of a traveler before the trip, a duly translated and apostilled death certificate is required to reimburse the amount corresponding to the date of cancellation. Without proof of these documents translated into the language of the country to which the tour would take place, family members will not be entitled to a refund.
• In case of a serious illness that does not allow the passenger to carry out (heart, kidney, neurological, psychological problem) his trip, a doctor’s certificate is required explaining the disease that afflicts the patient and the passenger will take a treatment that makes it impossible to travel . This certificate must be duly translated and apostilled to be able to refund the amount that corresponds to the cancellation conditions at a given date. Without proof of these documents translated into the language of the country to which the tour would be taken, the passenger will not be entitled to any refund.
In cases of Covid, it is only allowed to postpone the trip, until the exam is negative, Exchange of Dates and services are subject to availability and prices.

In case of cancellation due to covid ,any health problems, loss of flight, death of family member, etc. where passengers cancels your entire trip are subject to cancellation penalties

Cancellation fees

Transfers remains in most cases they are credited (discounting taxes, which are 13%)
Boat tickets are open for one year, (standard of all ferry companies) for own or family use
Air ticket depending on the fare, only the taxes will be refunded
Excursions are allowed to be canceled 1 week in advance, so that the amount (excluding taxes 24%) remains as a credit for your own use or that of a family member
Hotels in all over Greece, (excluding taxes, which are 24%) below are the details:
Low Season (April, May and October)
21 to 15 days before full refund
Less than 14 days to 7 days fine of 50% of the amount paid for each reservation
7 days before arrival day 100% of cancellation fee
Mid Season (June)
With more than 22 days prior to stay, full refund
From 21 to 15 days before, 50% refund of the amount paid for each reservation
Less than 14 days before arrival day 100% of cancellation fee
High Season (July to September)
With more than 30 days prior to stay, full refund
From 21 until the day of arrival 100% of
cancellation fee

By signing the debit authorization for the purchase of tourist services from our agency, the buyer accepts the terms and conditions described above.

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