Enchanted Greece Package

Athens with 4 Nights Cruise

Duration:  7 Days / 6 Nights

Valid from April 16th to October 21st – for arrivals on Saturdays

  • First day Saturday: Athens

    Arrival in Athens and transfer from the airport to the Hotel with assistance. Enjoy the rest of the day to explore the city and get a first impression,

    Second day Sunday: Athens City Tour

    This tour gives you an opportunity to observe the striking contrasts that make Athens such a fascinating city.

    Our expert guides will take you to see the Panathenaic Stadium where the first Olympic Games of modern times were held in 1896 (short stop).

    Continue and pass by the Prime Minister’s residence (ex Royal Palace) guarded by the Euzones in their colorful uniform, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Hadrian’s Arch, the Parliament and the memorial to the Unknown Soldier, the Academy, the University, the National Library, the Constitution Square (Syntagma).

    On the Acropolis visit the Architectural Masterpieces of the Golden Age of Athens: The Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion and finally “the harmony between material and spirit”, the monument that “puts order in the mind”, the Parthenon.

    Continue and visit the place where at last the statues found their home and admire the wonders of the classical era: The new Acropolis museum.

    N.B. 1) Due to certain restrictions in the visiting hours of the new Acropolis museum the order of the program can be changed.

    3rd day Monday: Mykonos

    Transfer from the Hotel to the port of Lavrio. To join the iconic 3-night/4-day Aegean cruise.

    Arrival: 18:00: | Departure: 23:00

    First stop at the wonderful island of Mykonos. The picturesque center of the island with its characteristic cobbled streets is called “hora” and is the place where you can shop day and night, but also experience the famous nightlife of the island that lasts until sunrise. In the late afternoon departure to Kussadasi.

    4th day Tuesday: Kussadasi and Patmos

    Kussadasi – Arrival: 07:00 | Departure: 1:00 pm

    First destination of the day Kusadasi (Turkey), known for the historic sites of Ephesus and the home of the Virgin Mary, as well as famous beaches and the view of the Aegean Sea

    Patmos- Arrival: 16:30 | Departure: 21:30

    The second destination is the island of Patmos, world famous for hosting the monastery of Saint John and the cave where the Apocalypse was written, which occupies a central role in the Christian religion. In addition to its religious importance, the island has wonderful beaches and unique characteristics, making it a favorite destination.

    5th day Wednesday: Rhodes

    Arrival: 07:00 | Departure: 18:00

    In the morning, arrival on the island of Rhodes, the largest island in the Dodecanese archipelago, also known as the island of the knights, due to being inhabited by the knights of Saint John in the 14th century who built the Venetian castle and its walls that are now a World Heritage Site. from UNESCO. Visit the old town center, the market and the typical streets, all around the castle which is one of the best preserved in the Mediterranean region. Enjoy the tastes and notes of this wonderful island.

    6th day Thursday: Crete and Santorini

    Crete – Arrival: 07:00 | Departure: 12:00

    The first destination of the day is Heraklion on the island of Crete, the largest island in Greece, where the Minoan civilization existed and the palace of Knossos which was the political and economic center at that time. Take the morning to walk around the ancient city of Heraklion, with the old Venetian port, and enjoy the wide variety of restaurants and bars, where you can venture out and try the typical Cretan cuisine that is the basis of Mediterranean cuisine. Or visit the Heraklion museum and see the famous Disc of Phestos which, with its mysterious symbols stamped on it, hides its meaning to this day.

    Santorini- Arrival: 16:30 | Departure: 21:30

    In the afternoon, the last stop in Santorini, famous for its spectacular view of the Caldera, with the typical white houses with a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea.

    7th. day Monday: Athens

    Arrival: 06:00

    In the morning, disembark at the port of Lavrio in Athens and transfer to the airport for the return flight. It is recommended that your return flight will be after 12 pm

  • Include:

    • 2 nights in Athens in a hotel of the chosen category

    • 4 nights on Celestyal Cruises’ Iconic Cruise in the Greek Islands and Turkey in a cabin of the chosen category.

    • Breakfast daily

    • 4 lunches and 4 dinners on Cruise

    • Private arrival and departure transfers in Athens

    • Meeting with representative on arrival in Athens for local orientation.

    • Regular city tour in Athens, with Acropolis and Acropolis museum, with official guide in English, including entrance fees.

    • Port fees

    • Tipping on the Cruise

    • Package of Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

    • Kussadasi Tour (Ancient Ephesus through the Years)

    • Rhodes Tour (Visit Lindos and the Medieval Town of Rhodes)

    Not Included:

    • Porter (with the exception of the cruise)

    • Tips (with the exception of the cruise)

    • Optional excursions

    • Drinks during meals (with the exception of the cruise)

    • Overnight tax effect from 1/1/18 which is paid directly by the passenger at the hotel, the rate varies by hotel category, paid in euros, per room / per night

    • Everything not specifically mentioned as included

  • Latin american Passport Sgl Occupancy

    Sgl April May June July August September October
    Standard 1831.00 2046.00 2046.00 2046.00 2036.00 2156.00 2046.00
    Premium 1921.00 2200.00 2200.00 2200.00 2166.00 2279.00 2184.00
    Premium + 2128.00 2411.00 2411.00 2411.00 2411.00 2534.00 2411.00
    Deluxe 2949.00 3309.00 3309.00 3309.00 3309.00 3435.00 3309.00
    Excellance 3664.00 4086.00 4113.00 4086.00 4058.00 4238.00 4058.00

    Latin american Passport Dbl Occupancy

    Dbl April May June July August September October
    Standard 1400.00 1568.00 1568.00 1568.00 1558.00 1642.00 1568.00
    Premium 1468.00 1663.00 1663.00 1663.00 1647.00 1732.00 1658.00
    Premium + 1632.00 1832.00 1832.00 1832.00 1832.00 1926.00 1832.00
    Deluxe 1818.00 2040.00 2040.00 2040.00 2040.00 2114.00 2040.00
    Excellance 2236.00 2507.002502.00 2507.00 2467.00 2576.00 2467.00

    Latin american Passport Tpl Occupancy

    Tpl April May June July August September October
    Standard 1342.00 1446.00 1446.00 1446.00 1440.00 1505.00 1446.00
    Premium 1376.00 1509.00 1509.00 1509.00 1509.00 1559.00 1509.00
    Premium + 1492.00 1630.00 1630.00 1630.00 1630.00 1693.00 1630.00
    Deluxe 1615.00 1762.00 1762.00 1762.00 1762.00 1811.00 1762.00
    Excellance 1886.00 2055.00 2067.00 2055.00 2040.00 2117.00 2040.00

    European Passport Sgl Occupancy

    Sgl April May June July August September October
    Standard1666.00 1855.00 1855.00 1855.00 1844.00 1937.00 1855.00
    Premium1743.00 1995.00 1995.00 1995.00 1961.00 2060.00 1978.00
    Premium + 1940.00 2178.00 2178.00 2178.00 2178.00 2287.00 2178.00
    Deluxe 2663.00 2994.00 2994.00 2994.00 2994.00 3095.00 2994.00
    Excellance 3306.00 3674.00 3701.00 3674.00 3646.00 3808.00 3646.00

    European Passport Dbl  Occupancy

    Dbl April May June July August September October
    Standard 1274.00 1421.00 1421.00 1421.00 1411.00 1484.00 1421.00
    Premium 1332.00 1505.00 1505.00 1505.00 1489.00 1563.00 1500.00
    Premium + 1484.00 1653.00 1653.00 1653.00 1653.00 1737.00 1653.00
    Deluxe 1649.00 1851.00 1851.00 1851.00 1851.00 1914.00 1851.00
    Excellance 2025.00 2265.00 2259.00 2265.00 2225.00 2322.00 2225.00

    European Passport Tpl  Occupancy

    Tpl April May June July August September October
    Standard 1224.00 1316.00 1316.00 1316.00 1309.00 1358.00 1316.00
    Premium 1250.00 1369.00 1369.00 1369.00 1369.00 1412.00 1369.00
    Premium +1358.00 1475.00 1475.00 1475.00 1475.00 1531.00 1475.00
    Deluxe 1467.00 1600.00 1600.00 1600.00 1600.00 1642.00 1600.00
    Excellance 1711.00 1859.00 1872.00 1859.00 1844.00 1914.00 1844.00


  • Hotel List of Package Standard

    City / IslandHotels
    Athens Achilleas, Acropolis Hill, Acropolis View Adrian, Amazon, Athens Starlight, Dorian Inn, Hermes, K 29, Pan, Plaka
    CorfuBella Venezia, Melina Oasis, Rossi Beach
    CreteAtrion, Lato, Olympic
    MilosAeolis, Asterias, Capetan Giorgantas Glaronisia, Milos , Psaravolada, Vista Mare
    MykonosAlkistis, Carbonaki, Kamari, Madalena Mykonos Beach, Olia, Pelican Town
    NaxosApricot, Ariadne, Grotta, Liana Naxos Resort, Xenia
    ParosApollon, Argonauta, Eri, Papadakis
    RhodesAcandia, Atma Beach, Manoussos Rhodian Rose
    SantoriniAcqua Vatos, Costa Marina, Dream Island Kamari Beach, Pelican Fira, Santellini. Sellini, Star
    ZakynthosPalmyra, Poseidon, Varres

    Hotel List of Package Premium 

    City / IslandHotels
    AthensAirotel Alexandros, Airotel Parthenon Athenaeum Smart, Athens Avenue Ibis Athens Route, Polis Grand
    CorfuAeolos Beach Resort, Ekati
    Crete Castello City, Ibis Style Heraklion Central
    MilosKapetan Tasos, Milia Gi, Nikki Savvas Olea Bay
    Mykonos Ilio Maris, Pelican Bay, San Antonio Summerland, Vienoulas, Yiannaki
    NaxosAlkyoni, Lagos Mare, Porto Naxos
    ParosParos Bay, Paros Land
    RhodesAthineon, Best Western Plaza
    SantoriniAbasa, Aegean Plaza, Goulielmos (Caldera View Hotel) Kallos Imar, Rose Bay, Santo Miramare Strogili
    ZakynthosDiana, Palatino, Strada Marina

    Hotel List of Package Premium Plus 

    City / IslandHotels
    AthensAthenaeum Grand, Athenian Callirrhoe Athens Utopia. Hera, Niche
    CorfuDe Bono, Eleals
    CreteCapsis Astoria, Olive Green
    MilosSanta Maria Suites, Santa Maria Village
    MykonosAnemoessa, Harmony, Manoulas Ostraco, Petinos, Rhenia, Vencia
    NaxosArgo, Finikas, Iria Beach
    ParosAcqua Marina Resort, Saint Andrea Resort
    RhodesD'Andrea, In Camera. Mediterranean
    SantoriniBelvedere (Caldera View Hotel), Cliff Side (Caldera View Hotel), El Greco, Ira (Caldera View Hotel), Santorini Palace
    ZakynthosAliv Stone, Golden Sun Resort

    Hotel List of Package Deluxe 

    City / Island Hotels
    AthensAthens Capital. Athens Plaza. Radisson Blue Park. Wyndham Grand Athens
    CorfuKontokali Resort & Spa, Rodostamo, The Olivar Suites
    CreteAquila Atlantis, Galaxy. GDM Megaron Legacy Castro.
    MilosMelian Boutique, Miland, Milos Breeze
    MykonosKensho Ornos, Myconian Imperial Mykonos Princess, Royal Myconian. San Marco, Saint John
    NaxosNissaki Beach
    ParosParos Agnanti, Poseidon of Paros
    RhodesPort Royal, Rodos Palace
    SantoriniAqua Blue, Cavo Bianco. Costa Grand Resort & Spa, Santorini Kastelli Resort. Orama. Skyfall Luxury Suites, Suite of the Gods (Caldera View Hotel)
    ZakynthosLesanthe Classic, Mabely Grand

    Hotel List of Package  Excellance 

    City / Island Hotels
    AthensElectra Metropolis, Electra Palace Royal Olympic, St George Lycabettus
    CorfuDomes Miramare, Domes of Corfu
    CreteDomes Noruz, Domes Zeen
    MilosMilos Cove, White Coast
    MykonosBoheme, Kensho Psarou, Myconian Ambassador, Myconian O, Myconian Villas Nissaki Mykonos
    Naxos18 Grapes
    RhodesBellevue, Esperos Village
    SantoriniAmbassador Aegean (Caldera View) Lilium Hotel (Caldera View) Santorini Secret Premium (Caldera View) Secret Legend Suites (Caldera View) Vedema Resort
    ZakynthosLesanthe Blu, Olea All suites

  • Cabin in each Package

    Package 4 Days Cruise
    Standard IB Standard Inside
    Premium XA Standard Outside
    Premium + XC Superior Outside
    Deluxe SJ Suíte Junior
    Excellance SB Suíte with balcony

    All packages have prices in euros per person.

    • No smoking on our tours but all tours make frequent stops,

    • Cancellation of contracted services and their conditions:
      For packages is 35 days before the trip, if they have paid for the service, full refund (excludes the fare guarantee deposit).
      For excursions and Transfers: voluntary or involuntary cancellation (such as bad weather conditions, low tour participation) the amount paid will remain as a credit for a future trip of the same passenger, family member and another client of the same agency.
      Tours and transfers are allowed to be canceled 3 weeks before the date of Service and the amount paid will remain as a credit for a future trip of the same passenger, family member and another client of the same agency.
      For ferries, it is allowed to cancel 4 days before and it is left open for one year for future use. For Multi Day Cruises 60 days prior the cruise are allowed to be canceled, the deposit not refundable, the remaining paid amount it is

    • Our Company reserves the right to alter, postpone or cancel the tour without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances,

    • Our Company  disclaims any responsibility and shall not pay any indemnity or reimbursement in the event that certain museums or monuments included in the program could not be visited with any reason beyond control,

    • Our Company is not responsible for any loss or theft of personal belongings during the tour,

    • The participants are to be promptly on time at the meeting points given by the tour guide. Tours will proceed without waiting the delayers,

    • Tour programs and prices may change without prior notice. Any increase in museum entrance fees will be reflected in the prices.

    To find out about the booking and payment conditions, check the FAQs, items 9 and 10, by clicking here

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